Riot of Spring

May 3-5, 2013
Promenade Hall, Overture Center for the Arts

When "The Rite of Spring" ballet premiered in Paris in 1913, audiences booed and rioted.

Li Chiao-Ping's latest production is a new work that is inspired by the "étonné moi!" spirit of the original, infamous collaboration that took place in 1913. This exciting work brings together Li's inventive, athletic, and rhythmic choreography with masterful interpretations by composers/musicians Carol Carlson and Maxfield Wollam-Fisher of Stravinsky's provocative music, costume design by Cory Allen Linsmeyer, Li Chiao-Ping, and Amanda Rabito, and lighting design by Catherine Wilson.

Also on the program was Li Chiao-Ping’s landmark solo, Fin de Siécle, performed by company principal Liz Sexe. This imaginative and powerful work warns of a future taken over by machines, carrying the dancer on a gauntlet of Herculean events. Li Chiao-Ping herself also performed solo in a lush work created for her by downtown New York choreographer Sally Silvers titled “L’Altra Notte,” which captures Li’s versatility as an expressive and commanding performer.