RISE OVER RUN: Off the Wall Dances

From May 9-11th, 2014, Li Chiao-Ping Dance performed Rise Over Run: Off the Wall Dances at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, located at 330 North Orchard Street, Madison, WI.

Choreographer/director Li Chiao-Ping’s RiseOver Run focused on spirit, community, strength and hope, while exploring perspectives of identity, space and place. It featured a unique and inventive approach to dance by performers with daring and adventurous spirits.

“Parts of our performances will focus on the idea of belonging,” said Li. “The dancers and I wanted to explore various relationships and investigate how identity and place can factor in, in a place like the WID. Doing so and balancing expressivity and abstraction is an exciting aesthetic challenge.”

The show was a movable feast. Members of the audience followed the performance as it travels through the WID. Designated tour guides will help audience members navigate the unique structure of Rise Over Run. 

“We chose to create Rise at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery instead of a traditional theater because of WID’s reputation as a place of innovation and experimentation,” said Li. “The site takes us into new territory; it piqued my curiosity and imagination, and I am very excited to see what happens. It’s all quite raw and fresh!”