Li Chiao-Ping Dance



LCPD produces and promotes original performance works and commissions of diverse arts forms, including modern/contemporary dance and music.


We provide education, training and performances in combination with diverse art forms to inspire artistic potential and life applications of art.


Collaboration with contemporary composers and designers gives LCPD a wide range of pieces.


We strive to reflect Li Chiao-Ping's unique movement vocabulary and choreographic style, as well as her ongoing search for exquisite and subtle gestures and risk-taking athleticism.


Inspired by Ms. Li's Chinese-American heritage, LCPD continues making multi-layered works which combine movement, sound, and visual imagery to explore themes of culture and identity.



Li Chiao-Ping Dance is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization. The generous support of our patrons makes future performances of Li Chiao-Ping Dance possible. Help us out.




  • June 20-25 at LCPD's studio farm in scenic Oregon, WI.
  • Final concert June 25 at the Margaret H'Doubler Theater, Lathrop Hall, UW-Madison
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Just now...

LCPD and the UW-Madison Dance Department, in collaboration with Heidi Latsky Dance, presented a spring production titled "Fluid Measure" on March 3-5 at the Margaret H'Doubler performance Space in Lathrop Hall.

LCPD performed the grand finale of 20 years of dance in Dane County at Overture Center for the Arts with the program  armature: in medias res!

LCPD performed for the 17th consecutive year in New York at the DanceNOW Joe's Pub Festival for the festival's 20th anniversary. Read the review.

Li Chiao-Ping and LCPD took 12 dancers to the 2015 World Dance Alliance—America's festival in Hawaii to perform "bonesetting" and "cline" in July.




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LCPD performs Fluid Measure in Milwaukee. Find Devin Settle's review in the Shepherd Express. #mce_temp_url#

Li Chiao-Ping Dance Receives MAP Fund Grant for New Project – the new multimedia project, a collaboration between choreographer Li Chiao-Ping and visual artist Douglas Rosenberg titled "i–LAND," will examine the immigrant experience. Premiering at Overture Center for the Arts in March 2017 with plans to tour.

Susan Kepecs names LCPD's 20th-anniversary production, armature: in medias res, among best performances of 2015. Read her review on The Cultural Oyster.

Li Chiao-Ping Dance performs at 2015 WDA-Americas Conference & Festival Assembly in Honolulu July, 2015. The theme for the Assembly is "Spaces and Places: Exploring Dance Narratives through Alternate Lenses." Read press release.

Li Chiao-Ping's "daughter" selected for 2015 Dance Film Lab – Li Chiao-Ping's screen dance work “daughter” was selected to be screened at the 2015 Dance Film Lab at Triskelion Arts in the Muriel Schulman Theater in Brooklyn, NY. The festival, June 4-5, 2015, celebrates national and international dance-based films that stretch the boundaries of what would be possible on the stage. For tickets and more information go to